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What's Included

Fly Fishing

Semi Guiding means that the fishing tour for the next day is discussed in detail the evening before. The best spots are shown, access points to the water are identified, the best fly fishing techniques are explained, and the most effective flies are discussed and presented.

Guests will be transported to the spots on the water. on the day of the tour and picked up afterward.

Semi Guiding

Our fly fishing concept is based on what I call Semi Guiding. This means that we discuss the program with the group the evening before, based on the weather forecast and the guests' preferences. All information about the area is discussed: What's the water like? What's the best way to fish? Where are the best spots, and where are the entry points to the water? Guests fish in groups but without a guide at the water. Guiding would exceed the cost framework.

Eat and Drink

The lodge package is Full Pension that includes Breakfast, for lunch a Lunchpack and for dinner at least a 3 course dinner.

Local Wine is also included for dinner which will be served in the dining room before, during, and after dinner. Also still water from the mountain source and italian Mocha or coffee.

Alternative beverages such as beer and soft drinks are available for purchase on-site. Consumption of beverages brought from outside is not permitted on the premises, including both the grounds and the lodge.

Allergies and intolerances are catered for as far as possible, but for organizational reasons not everything can be taken into consideration. And only by prior arrangement with the chef.


Driving specifically entails providing transportation solely to and from the fishing spots. Additional trips can be discussed and scheduled separately.

Sleep / Room / Bed

We provide affordable lodging in modest double rooms, which are quaint, comfortable, and functional. The rooms are basic, old fashioned, clean, cozy and practical. The rooms resemble those in the example pictures. Providing everything you need for a deep sleep. Shared shower and bathroom facilities are also available for guests to use. Comfortable beds with bed linens, modern duvets, and pillows are provided. Additionally, terry towels are available for guests' use.

How is the price made up per night / person:

Bed / Sleep: CHF 29.15

Eat & Drink: CHF 65 (Full Pension)

Semi Guiding: CHF 55

Driving: CHF 50

Package of

Total 6 nights: CHF 1195

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