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Alpine Food

All is about traditional and local food.
Everything revolves around traditional Italian mountain food, and that's what we aim to capture.

Begin your fishing day with a hearty breakfast. Help yourself with local specialties such as cheese, meat, cereals, fruit, and daily fresh baked bread. And, of course, enjoy freshly brewed strong Italian coffee. We also serve tea.

Lunch is casual and hassle-free, with an array of cold cuts and house made bread. You'll  assemble your own preferred lunch bag, of course it's included in the package.

For dinner, Claudio is a gifted chef, he crafts 3 courses of traditional Italian dishes that he learned from his grandmother. They are hearty, flavourful, and plentiful, ensuring a satisfying meal for all.
We specialize in meat and fish-based cuisine, by early request we could always offer a vegetarian option as well. Unfortunately, we're unable to accommodate vegan diets.
Is important to let us know before booking of any dietary restrictions, etc., so that we check first the possibilities.

The lodge package includes wine for dinner which will be served in the dining room before, during, and after dinner. Also still water from the mountain source and coffee.
Alternative beverages such as beer and soft drinks are available for purchase on-site. Consumption of beverages brought from outside is not permitted on the premises, including both the grounds and the lodge.
The lodge does not sell hard liquor.

We kindly request guests to moderate their alcohol consumption. We reserve the right to intervene in cases of excessive alcohol consumption.

Old Dolomite Lodge, Le Grazie

Lodge / House

The Lodge

The Old Dolomite Lodge in Le Grazie, Belluno is more than 100 years old. Is ideally situated amidst the picturesque landscape of the Bellunesi Dolomites. Just a short distance from the great and famous Marmolada and La Civetta mountains. There are charming villages and natural wonders of the region.

The lodge offers a basic blend of seclusion and accessibility, allowing guests to enjoy the tranquillity of the surroundings without sacrificing amenities.

The main focus is on the premier fly fishing experience, benefiting from its proximity to the Cordevole and Piave River and other waters in the greater area.

The lodge caters to the needs of anglers, providing comfortable accommodations and a cozy familiar atmosphere where guests can relax after a day of activities.

The lodge itself is a historic building with rustic charm, to offer guests an authentic stay. 

The Old Dolomite Lodge not only offers a top-notch fly fishing experience but also the opportunity to explore the beauty and culture of the Agordina Valleys and the surrounding region. With its scenic location, warm service, and unmatched charm, the Old Dolomite Lodge is an unforgettable retreat for those looking to experience the natural beauty and rural idyll of the Dolomites.

The lodge is a non-smoking place, as required by law.

Relax / Rooms

We provide 3 Double Bed Rooms:

- The Yellow Room
- The Mint Room

- The Pink Room

To see more click on the pictures above.

Our values are simplicity, naturalness, independence, and authenticity.


The walls have been carefully cleaned and restored so that the old stamp art, which was painstakingly applied by hand, is once again visible.

We provide affordable lodging in modest double rooms, which are quaint, comfortable, and functional.

The rooms are old-fashioned, clean, cozy and practical. The rooms resemble those in the example pictures. Providing everything you need for a deep sleep.

Shared shower and bathroom facilities are also available for guests to use.

Comfortable beds with bed linens, modern duvets, and pillows are provided. Additionally, terry towels are available for guests' use.


Fly Fishing, Eat, Rest & Sleep when off the water in basic family ambient and enjoy some of the finer things Northern Italian Cuisine has to offer. Our Lodge provides a  basic and reasonable blend of an old more than 100 years old stone house where many generations of the family from Monica.
A place to unwind and get refreshed after a long day of fishing. There will be no roughing it as the warm fires, delicious Italian cuisine cooked by Claudio. Old cosy beds, wood-fired stove, and fine Italian Wines will compliment your Dolomite experience, but still, the focus is on fly fishing.

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