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About Us

In 2008, Claudio made his first trip with his partner Monica to Monica's father's birthplace in Santa Maria delle Grazie, commonly referred to as Le Grazie.
For the first time, he ventured to the Cordevole River, just 5 minutes from the house, and within minutes, caught a 42-centimeter trout, igniting his passion for fly fishing. From that moment on, Claudio explored all the valleys of the Agordina region, fishing in rivers and streams such as Cordevole, Fiorentina, Pettorina, and Piave. Over time, he began inviting friends and acquaintances, laying the foundation for the Old Dolomite Lodge.
Nestled between the world-famous Marmolada and La Civetta mountains, the lodge is ideally situated for fly fishing in the valleys. Within a range of 5 minutes to 1 hour and 20 minutes, guests have access to all the fantastic waters. Guests stay in one of the many rooms and dine in the kitchen with the family, reminiscent of the customs of generations past.
Today, we operate as a modest fly fishing lodge, offering a personal, relaxing, and intimate fly fishing vacation experience. With a maximum of 6 guests, we can provide an exceptionally high level of customer service and cater to a wide range of interests and skill levels in fly fishing.

From the legendary rivers Cordevole and Piave to mountain streams and crystal-clear mountain lakes, you will be surrounded by breathtaking views while enjoying some of the country's best fly fishing waters.
Your host, Claudio, is not only a skilled host but also a chef and wine enthusiast. With a background in oenology and experience as a chef and butcher, he ensures a culinary experience like no other.
Meanwhile, Stefano, a longtime fly fishing friend of Claudio, has evolved into a brilliant guide. He is proficient in all fly fishing styles, including Italian nymphing (the most successful Euro nymphing technique), the Italian casting style TLT, classic dry fly fishing, and streamer fishing. Stefano not only masters these styles but also excels at teaching them. Additionally, he is a talented fly tier.
In our guest lounge, there are various fly tying stations for communal tying sessions in the evenings.
Whether you are a complete novice or an experienced fly angler, our goal at the Old Dolomite Lodge is to provide you with an unparalleled fly fishing vacation that you will never forget.

Your Host Claudio

Claudio is an exceptional host. As a studied enologist, he has a great passion for fine wine and cuisine. His amiable nature allows him to connect well with people, which was immensely beneficial in his consulting firm. Now, he has grown weary of that job and is focusing on fly fishing and wine travels.

Claudio is a gifted fly fisherman and a EFFA member for almost a decade. He has caught trout exceeding 65 cm in this area. He possesses an intimate understanding of the waters, knowing exactly where and when fly fishing is most rewarding.



Our aim is to create a place of unforgettable and exciting character through our dedication and experience, a place that our guests will eagerly return to and deeply appreciate.



Our mission is to provide our guests with unforgettable experiences crafted through our diversity and commitment to warmth and hospitality. We aim to evoke emotions and create memories that last a lifetime.We see ourselves as a place where people come together to enjoy life. In doing so, we continually strive for more, setting ambitious goals to consistently offer our guests new and exciting experiences.

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La Old Dolomite Lodge è un autentico paradiso per gli appassionati di pesca con la mosca. Le escursioni guidate con maestria, unite al paesaggio mozzafiato, hanno reso l'avventura di pesca un'esperienza indimenticabile. E non posso non menzionare il cibo e il vino eccezionali che abbiamo gustato durante il soggiorno. Grazie, Claudio, per i ricordi pieni di trote - tornerò sicuramente per godere ancora di più di questa meraviglia!

Stefano, Pescara/Italy

My recent stay at Old Dolomite Lodge was a dream come true for any fly fishing enthusiast. The lodge, with its rustic charm, cozy comforts, and superb food, exceeded all expectations. Each day spent fishing was thrilling, especially during one evening hatch when we caught countless trout. These trout were unlike any I've experienced before—absolutely hungry and crazy! Each throw a catch!! But it wasn't just about the catch; it was the familiar atmosphere and camaraderie that made the experience truly memorable. In essence, Old Dolomite Lodge isn't just a place to fish; it's a fantastic value for the experience it offers.

Thank you, Claudio, for your hospitality. We'll definitely be returning in 2024!

Didier, Bergerac/France

Old Dolomite Lodge delivered beyond my wildest fishing dreams.

The atmosphere, the food, the fishing—everything was top-notch. I'll be counting down the days until my return. It was absolutely brilliant when the rain started, and within just 15 minutes, we found ourselves in a 'dry' region. It's impressive how the weather situation can change so swiftly within this area, and Claudio knows exactly where to go. His knowledge of the local weather conditions made the fishing experience even more memorable.


Grazie mille, Claudio!

Ramon, Zürich/Switzerland

The Old Dolomite Lodge surpassed my expectations as a Scottish fly fishing enthusiast. From the basic but cozy accommodations to the delectable cuisine and wines, every aspect was superb. The guided fishing excursions were great, especially the evening hatch where we encountered an abundance of trout unlike anything I've seen before. But beyond the fishing, it was the camaraderie and shared passion for angling that made the experience truly exceptional. Grazie, Claudio, for providing such a remarkable retreat. I can't wait to return in 2024 for more unforgettable adventures.

Looking forward to my next stay.

Malcolm, Aberdeen/Scotland


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