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Why Fly Fishing
In The Dolomite Alps

FF Anker 1
  1. Connection with Nature: Fly fishing allows me to escape into the beauty of nature, where I can lose myself in serene rivers and small mountain creeks.

  2. Escape from Routine: In today's hectic world, it provides me with an opportunity to disconnect and reconnect with the rhythms of nature.

  3. The Joy of Mastery: Each catch is a triumph of skill and perseverance, rewarding my dedication with profound satisfaction.

  4. Casting as Art: Casting a fly rod is an elegant dance that blends precision and technique into a symphony of motion.

  5. The Quest for Serenity: It promotes mindfulness and offers moments of tranquillity amidst the natural world and connects me with the universe.

  6. Shared Experiences: Whether alone or with friends, fly fishing creates memories and connections that last a lifetime.

  7. A Lifelong Passion: What starts as a hobby often becomes a way of life, combining a love for nature and the sport.

At its core, fly fishing is more than just a pastime—it's a celebration of the beauty of nature, the joy of craftsmanship, and the cherished connections that are formed along the way.

Enjoy The Time With Us

Perfect Fly Fishing
- Go With Us 

You will be exploring a stunning area of the Venetian Dolomites renowned for offering some of the finest trout fishing opportunities in Europe. However, fly fishing is a challenging sport, especially when targeting wild trout. Rest assured that our lodge staff will make every effort to ensure your stay is an unforgettable and fruitful fly fishing experience. Whether you're a novice or an experienced angler, Claudio will impart valuable knowledge to enhance your skills. We will take full advantage of the morning and evening hatches, maximizing your chances of success on the water.

Dry Fly Patterns

The Agordina Valleys have countless pristine rivers and creeks amidst the spectacular Dolomite mountain scenery awaiting the adventurous fly angler with dry flies. Some of my best patterns you'll find here... 

Anker 2

Nymph Patterns

For some anglers, italian-nymphing (a variety of euro-nymphing) might just be another hipster fad, but if you enjoy catching trout in numbers in the Agordina Valleys, it’s a good and successful technique to add to your angling arsenal. Also traditional nymphing is very effective in these waters.
This technique is about hunting and of course numbers, which is why it’s taken over the competition circuit. The theory is you’re fishing more in a fish’s strike-zone.
You'll find Some of my deadliest nymph patterns there...


Streamers are indeed a fascinating aspect of fly fishing that diverges from the traditional image of anglers delicately presenting tiny insect imitations to fish. Instead, streamer fishing involves using flies that mimic larger prey items like minnows, sculpins, or crayfish, enticing predatory instincts in fish.

Streamer fishing can be particularly productive in the Piave River near Belluno with his Giant Trout population. It's a dynamic and exciting method that adds a new dimension to fly fishing and has gained popularity among anglers seeking the thrill of pursuing big fish. as me. I've caught some of my largest trout with it, those are some of my winners...

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